Risk & Mitigation

Zafran combines control configurations, runtime data, internet exposures, and threat intelligence to determine Applicable Risk™ and effective mitigations

The Zafran Recipe

Integrate & Discover

Agentless inspection of assets, controls, vulnerabilities & threats via API integration with the organizations' security tools across their stack

Integrate and discover abstract illustration
Assess and Pinpoint logos illustration
Assess & Pinpoint

Correlate asset metadata, vulnerabilities, control configurations, runtime information, Internet exposures and threat intelligence to form an Applicable Risk™ assessment

Mitigate & Automate

Continuously streamline the relevant configurations, policies and IOCs to your existing security tools to defuse risk and automate the response processes

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The Zafran Spice

On Prem & Cloud

Zafran supports on-premise data centers, all major Cloud environments, and Endpoints in a single SaaS platform


No agents. Zafran leverages the existing agents already deployed to gain all necessary insights

Runtime Inspection

Identify in-memory libraries and dynamic SBOM to focus on up-and-running software and de-prioritize dormant applications

Data Normalization

Every security tool may have slightly different asset names and findings. Zafran uses advanced algorithms to correlate different identifiers

Connect the Enterprise Workflow

Zafran provides bi-directional integration with leading ticketing and SOAR platforms, streamlining the Zafran value in existing processes

Illustrative prototype of the Zafran productIllustrative prototype of the Zafran product