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No Business Disruption

Patching can involve downtime, but the business shouldn't stop for everything

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Buy time

Extend remediation targets by considering compensating controls

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Save Money

Analyze tools' effectiveness, improve ROI and reduce services and tool spend

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Break the Silos

Create common ground for security and IT teams to mitigate risks together

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Our customers say it best.

“Zafran brings a new approach by leveraging existing security tools (EDR, firewalls, cloud tools, etc.) to determine whether vulnerabilities are truly exploitable or already mitigated by compensating controls. Correlating control configuration, runtime, internet exposure, and threat intelligence exploit analysis, Zafran pinpoints true vulnerabilities and enables the automation of upstream mitigations to proactively reduce exposure at scale."

Hadas Bergman

CISO, Kraft Heinz

״Zafran is tackling vulnerabilities from a hacker's perspective. They add a true layer of risk mitigation through compensating controls. Most importantly, they help us understand if our controls are effectively implemented and how we can use them to improve our protection.״

Ricardo Lafosse

CISO, Kraft Heinz

"With Zafran you can determine what level of risk you are willing to take as a company, what external threats you need to worry about, what portions of your business are susceptible to it, and show you how far your existing toolset can be used to mitigate that threat or make recommendations on what additional tools may be needed.”

Robert Schuetter

CISO, Ashland

"In a world where you can not know when and where the next Threat exploitation will catch you, you need a Bubble Wrap. Zafran is our ‘bubble wrap’, it helps us protect our environment from the exploitation of vulns while keeping the business up and running. You can not patch it all at once!"


Fortune 25 Healthcare Enterprise

“Zafran enhanced our controls enabling us to position ourselves with exploit and zero-day countermeasures”

James Robinson

CISO, Netskope

“By integrating with the security controls configurations we can identify what is working and what is not. Zafran enables us to evaluate our security tech stack, identify gaps, make informed decisions, and ultimately improve the ROI on our tools”

Dave Estlick

CISO, Chipotle