We are excited to embark on a pivotal partnership with Recorded Future, the world’s largest threat intelligence company. Our customers are on a journey to transform traditional patch management into comprehensive risk reduction and mitigation, and this partnership provides them important insights to mitigate their risk exposure.

Enhanced Context for Prioritization of Vulnerabilities

The first cornerstone of our partnership leverages Recorded Future to enhance vulnerability context, providing insights into which vulnerabilities are actively being exploited, by whom, against which industry and for what purpose. By understanding the real-time landscape of threats and exploits in their industry, Zafran customers can prioritize vulnerabilities not just on theoretical risk, but on evidenced likelihood and impact. This informed prioritization helps organizations allocate their resources more effectively, focusing on vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk to their specific environment.

Contextual Intelligence to Combat Specific Threat Group Campaigns

When a high profile threat group campaign is discovered, security teams must quickly be able to answer the question "Am I protected?" The combination of Zafran and Recorded Future reveals the efficacy of your security controls against the techniques and tactics used by specific threat actors, while surfacing and prioritizing the vulnerabilities that leave you exposed to the threat. This allows businesses to adapt their defenses to the most pertinent risks, ensuring that protective measures are both relevant and robust.

Proactive Response with Indicators of Compromise

The third critical integration point between Zafran and Recorded Future involves the use of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). Using intelligence from Recorded Future, Zafran can enhance its response mechanisms by automatically updating security configurations to block IPs associated with known threats. This proactive approach not only tightens security measures but also minimizes the reaction time to threats, effectively reducing the window during which an organization is vulnerable to attack.

A Unified Front Against Cyber Threats

Together, Zafran and Recorded Future are not merely integrating their technologies; we are setting a new standard for mitigating risk exposure in a world of fast moving threat actors. By providing actionable intelligence and comprehensive risk assessments, the Zafran Risk & Mitigation Platform empowers security teams to anticipate, understand, and neutralize threats proactively. This partnership is more than a combination of efforts; it is a shared vision for a more secure digital world, where organizations can operate with confidence in the face of cyber threats.